Sundays @ Crossroads

Every week there are 2 Sunday services at Crossroads Evangelical Church in Queen Mary Avenue, Camberley.

At 10.30am we have our weekly Family Service. This service is designed for the whole family, from babes in arms to great great grandparents. You do not need to be an experienced church goer to join with us.


During the service a speaker passes on a message. At the same time there are Sunday School lessons in the side room which are available for the children. The preaching at the family service is deliberately aimed to be easy to understand, applicable to modern daily life and based on the firm truth of the Bible.

After the Sunday School lessons and Family Service have finished, refreshments are served in the side room.

Before the family service at 9.30am we meet to break bread. The Breaking of Bread or Communion Service is central to worship at Crossroads Evangelical Church. Following the pattern of the first Christians, we meet regularly as a church to take the symbols of bread and wine which remind us of the body that was broken (bread) and the blood that was shed (wine) on the cross by Christ to win our salvation.

The Breaking of Bread allows us to examine our lives in God’s presence at the beginning of the week, and to remind ourselves why we are living for Christ – ‘his love compels us, since we believe that Christ died for all’ (2 Cor 5:14).