Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Crossroads Evangelical Church.

Is there a dress code? (what should I wear?)
Come as you are, and as you feel comfortable. No need to dress up (or down).
Do I need to bring a bible? (which version is used?)
If you have a bible, then bring it, otherwise we’ll have one you can borrow, or just listen to the reading. It’s likely most people with a bible will be using the New International Version (NIV) although others can be used.
Do I need to bring money (is there a collection?)
No. There is a collection taken during the Family service, but this is not compulsary, its a freewill offering. Most events are free unless advertised differently.
Where in Camberley is Crossroads Evangelical Church?
The church address is Queen Mary Avenue and we are at the crossroads of Queen Mary Avenue, Edward Avenue and Victoria Avenue, the map below shows where we are.
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Here is a Google Map for directions to the church.

Center map