Missionary Organisations Supported

CrossRoads Evangelical Church support a number of missionary organisations whose aim is spread the good news of the Christian faith locally, national or internationally.

There is a great work (mission) to be done in the this world of ours to share the good news of Christianity to everyone so they have an opportunity to become a Christian. We are only a small group of Christians and we cannot share this news with everyone in the world so by supporting these organisations in regular prayer and giving we can help. As Christians we believe that God listens to our prayers and we can come and ask Him for help for any situation any where in the world. By praying for the work of these missionary organisations we can be involved in the growth of Christianity across the world.

Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone Mark 16 v 15 (NLT)

Youth for Christ (YFC)

Youth for Christ (YFC) is a national Christian charity that was founded by Billy Graham in 1946. Working with around 300,000 young people each month, they draw alongside teens from every background and culture in Britain. Their 150 fulltime staff and countless local volunteers specialise in working with unchurched youth: communicating and demonstrating the Christian faith.

If you would like to know more about Youth for Christ in the UK their website is www.yfc.co.uk and Camberley Youth for Christ’s website is camberleyyfc.wordpress.com


Feba is committed to reaching people who are unable to easily access by other means, the full breadth of life-changing information that we are able to provide. Whether broadcasting on short wave, medium wave, FM or the internet, Feba programmes are produced in the listeners’ heart language, wherever possible in-country by local followers of Jesus, often in partnership with like-minded organisations.

Feba delivers content which is fresh, compelling and engaging, developing innovative approaches to address issues facing individuals, families and communities in Africa, South and Central Asia and the Middle East. Feba broadcasts seek to build up trusted relationships with our audiences, becoming a sustained and consistent presence in their lives.

If you would like to know more about Feba their website is www.feba.org.uk


MECO is a group of people with a heart for the Middle East, united in vision for Middle Eastern churches to engage in effective mission. We aim to be culturally sensitive, prepared to learn language, determined to stay around for the long term, flexible, willing to work in teams and to share and model the love of Christ.

MECO currently has teams and individuals in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Cyprus, Sudan and the Arabian Peninsula.

The Middle East has always played a crucial part in human history. It is the birthplace of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 90% of Middle Easterners follow Islam. Warmth in hospitality and relationships make it a great part of the world to live in. Oil, conflict and politics mean we live with uncertainty and some fear. The need to stand with and hear from those who live in the Middle East has never been greater and never has the message of hope in Christ been so welcome.

If you would like to know more about MECO their website is www.aboutmeco.org

The Bible Society

Bible Society exists because millions lack the Bible in a language they can understand, in a form they can use or at a price they can afford. At the same time millions still have no understanding of the Bible’s value for them and their communities.

Bible Society is working to see a day when the Bible’s God-given revelation, inspiration and wisdom is shaping the lives and communities of people everywhere. Their task is huge:

  • More than 4,400 languages still wait for even one book of the Bible.
  • Though a billion people cannot read, only 3% of languages have the Bible in audio.
  • Every 5 seconds, someone goes blind but the complete Braille Bible exists in only 35 languages.
  • In our own country the Bible is no longer a point of reference for everyday life.
  • Christians often lack the confidence to apply the Bible’s message in a society that increasingly sees it as irrelevant.

If you would like to know more about the work of the Bible Society their website is www.biblesociety.org.uk

The Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Scripture Readers Association (SASRA)

SASRA’s Ministry is one of personal evangelism. Uniquely they are permitted, subject to Chaplain’s recommendation and Commanding Officers’ permission to visit soldiers and airmen in their accommodation, work and recreation areas. This is done with a view to befriending them and introducing them to the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you would like to know more about SASRA their website is www.sasra.org.uk and they have an excellent video introducing the work of SASRA which can be viewed using this link – SASRA Video.

Free Bible Images

FreeBibleimages is the vision of a group of Christians in England who found there were few visual resources to help parents, teachers, lay people or clergy teach Bible passages. We attempted to create images as though someone with a digital camera had been at there at the time. The images on our site can be viewed on any computer or large handheld device such as an iPad. They can be projected onto screens, monitors, smartboards and TVs as a visual aid in retelling Bible stories and events to any age group.

  • This resource is free to all users. There is the option to donate for those who want to fund the development of further Bible story images.
  • FreeBibleimages is run by committed Christians. However, we give you the Bible reference for any set of Bible story images, but no message or commentary to accompany them so we remain free of any language, doctrinal or denominational bias.
  • We aim to make the images as historically, geographically and culturally as accurate as possible.
  • This resource is intended to be timeless and suitable for any age group or culture across the world.