Our History and what we believe

We in CrossRoads Evangelical Church are a group of Bible believing Christians who join together on a regular basis for praise / worship services and work together to serve God in ways to which he calls us.

We have our roots in the “Open Brethern” otherwise known as the Assemblies. We enjoy fellowship with other churches in the area. This particular church has been in existence since the 1800’s in various locations in Camberley. We have been in our present building since 1950.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

We at CrossRoads Evangelical Church recognise the Bible, the complete revealed Word of God, as our sole authority and Jesus Christ as our rightful head in all matters of faith, doctrine, and church practice. As a church we are answerable to God alone and have no other central authority that we must obey. In common with a number of other independent churches, CrossRoads has a group of elders responsible for our church government and spiritual welfare. We have no senior minister or pastor in charge and we exercise plurality of ministry.

We preach and teach the sinful nature of man since the fall of Adam, the inevitability of the last judgment and eternal death for unrepentant sinners but rejoice to tell of the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ upon the cross and his subsequent resurrection by which, through the grace of God, men may be saved by belief and trust in the finished work of the Son of God. We preach too the certainty of His coming again, the resurrection of the dead in Christ and the rapture of the church.

Baptism is the gospel ordinance by which the recipients testify publicly to their faith and show that they have been raised from spiritual death to walk in newness of life in Christ. We teach and practise believer’s baptism by total immersion on personal confession of faith in Christ. We also encourage all Christians both young and old who want to follow and obey Jesus to be baptised as a mark of their identification with him in his resurrection and with the people of God.

In the New Testament people who believed in Jesus Christ were called on to show their faith publicly by baptism, which was normally performed by immersion. We also teach and practise the baptism by immersion of believers who wish to confess their faith in Jesus Christ openly. Baptism is a public declaration that the believer has experienced the forgiveness of their sins through their faith, that they have received new life from Christ, and want to live as his follower and to join with other believers in the fellowship of the church. According to the teaching of the Apostle Paul in Romans 6.1-11, baptism is a symbol of the believer’s identification with Christ in his death and resurrection. We understand the immersion to be a symbol of death, and the emergence from the water to be a symbol of resurrection. We recognise that some believers may have physical limitations that would make baptism by immersion impossible or inadvisable, but we reckon it to be the normal practice of New Testament times that should be the model for subsequent generations.